• Economic Type Lead Edge Feeder Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutter Machine
  • Economic Type Lead Edge Feeder Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutter Machine
  • Economic Type Lead Edge Feeder Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutter Machine

Economic Type Lead Edge Feeder Carton Box Flexo Printing Slotting Die Cutter Machine

TYPE: YX-1220, YX-1224, YX-1228
Product Description

Main features

● Printer slotter phase :electric number digital adjust

● Auto ink circulation system

● Combined slotting creasing slitting knives which is easy to change order.

● The gear of the machine: Auto lubrication with oil

● Machine body thickness:50mm

● Automatic seperated, pneumatic lock up.


1. Automatic suction lead edge feeder equipped with a 7.5kw suction fan to feeding cardboard, the blowing rate is adjustable by the transducer according to the degree of crook of cardboard in order to transmit cardboard smoothly.

2. The main control pannel is composed of control buttons and touch screen, which is very convenient and reliable.

3. The machine is launched by pressing the start button with two hands, which ensure the operator's safety.

4. The side plate is electrical adjusted automatically while the backstop is adjusted manually. 

5. Sheet cleaner is equipped to remove the contaminants on the cardboard which will improves the printing quality.

6. The upper transmission roll is made of seamless steel tube, the surface is covered wearproof rubber, which is also good at avoiding crushing the cardboard.

7. The lower transmission roll is made of seamless steel tube, with the treatment of grinding, embossing, and chrome plated.

8. The transmission between the upper and lower transmission roll is driven by double slider coupling, which is good at reducing wear down and transmitting smoothly.

9. The transmission shaft equipped with electromagnetic friction clutch, for avoiding damaging the motor in case of misoperation or overload.     

10. Automatic counter for recording the cardboard supply quantity to show the output.


 Printer Unit


1. Gear enclosed spray lubrication system, keyless drive design, so that accurate long-term chromatic unchanged. High-speed Ink Printing Slotting Machine Manufacture

2. Frequency control system to control becomes easy and flexible. Each group of printing unit is equipped with jogging button for easy control and loaded rubber plate.

3. Each printing unit can be electrical separation. Printing Slotting Machine

4. High-precision  anilox roller, diameter 195mm. The textured density of anilox roller is 180-300 lines / inch, to ensure the printing effect is clear and beautiful.

5. Ink supply system is pneumatic diaphragm pumps, high efficiency,  Flexo Printing Slotting Machine saving ink.  Automatic cycle supply. Cleaning with clean water can be.

6. Automatic uniform system to keep the anilox roller quit. When the machine stop,the anilox roller and rubber roller could running independently for transmission ink and prevent the ink dry out.

7.  The rubber roller is use high quality hard wearing rubber,and with the middle of a relatively high  high-precision grinding. Semi Automatic Carton Flexo Printing Slotting Machine

8. Phase institutions is 360-degree Electric adjustment, ergonomic design.


 Slotting Unit


1. Gear enclosed spray lubrication system, keyless drive design, so that accurate long-term chromatic unchanged. High Speed Flexo Printing Slotting(stacking Unit)

2. Phase institutions is 360-degree Electric adjustment, ergonomic design.

3. Four-blade sync adjustment for carton height.

4. Serrated slotted cutter. Thickness: 7mm.

5. Slotter and creaser combined movement



Wall board thickness50mm
Max Machine Speed (pcs/min)120
Economic Working Speed (pcs/min)80
Max. Feeding Size (mm)1400×2000
Min. Feeding Size (mm)450x660
Standard Plate Thickness (mm)3.9
Max slotter depth (mm)300
Print precision (mm)±0.3
Slot precision (mm)±1.0
Die cut precision (mm)±1.0
Suitable Cardboard Thickness (mm)2 - 11